Our English-Speaking Cleaning Services

Standard Cleaning

Unless you’ve had ongoing cleaning services, or are an especially thorough housekeeper, we recommend that your first appointment be a deep clean. Deep cleaning takes extra time, but you will see and feel the results.

Here is what you may expect as a regular with Essential Hands:


Clean counter tops
Clean stove
IMG_2424Clean microwave inside/out

IMG_2426Clean outside of appliances

Clean sink & fixtures

Spot clean/wipe cabinet exteriors as needed
Clean tables



Clean counters & fixtures
Clean sink

Clean toilet

Clean tub & showers
Clean cabinet exteriors as needed
Clean mirrors

Whole house

Cobweb removal as needed
Shake out or vacuum throw rugs
Dust blinds
Dust horizontal surfaces

IMG_1765 Dust windowsills
Dust ledges of doors
Dust picture frames

IMG_2444 Dust baseboards
Clean under & behind furniture where possible without moving
Clean mirrors
Clean light switches
Empty trashcans as needed
Wipe trashcan exterior as needed & replace liners
Vacuum carpets
Vacuum & mop floors


Options menu

Add whatever you like from our options menu:

Wash & clean baseboards
Clean door tracks
Move light to medium furniture to clean under and behind
Wipe down furniture
Wash trashcans inside and out
Clean louvered doors
Vacuum/dust/clean blinds
Vacuum/dust drapes
Thoroughly vacuum upholstery & under cushions
Brush off lampshades/wipe lamp bases
Dust fans
Wash cabinet faces
Clean patio doors
Change towels
Change sheets
Clean inside refrigerator
Oil furniture with orange oil
Launder clothing
Fold clothing/laundry
Remove books from bookshelves, clean & replace
Clean under sink

When you set up on-going cleanings, we will continue with our standard cleaning list, and you may request optional items whenever you wish (charge based on our hourly rate).

If you feel our task lists don’t apply to your specific situation, let us know and we will tailor them to your needs.

What we don’t do

Move heavy furniture or lift heavy items (over 50 lbs)
Use ladders with more than two steps
Clean outside windows unless they are easily accessible
Shampoo carpets or clean upholstery
We love pets! But for the safety of our staff, we won’t enter homes with barking/aggressive dogs unless they are properly restrained
Use toxic chemicals you supply unless approved beforehand
Clean human waste, pet waste, or cat litter